My children had their first day back at school today and it feels like autumn strangely enough. Outside it’s raining and I’m tempted to open the bottle of wine I just bought for Lily’s teacher last year as he wasn’t there the last two weeks of term and didn’t get a gift from us. I may open it.


Last week, it would have been a year to our wedding day. I’ve been so distracted with the busy wedding season and he’s been entertaining the children every weekend, we’ve barely spent any time together. I tried to get him into photography and even though sometimes he can take a pretty decent photo, he likes to look at the world through his eyes and not a lens.



I sometimes forget I spend so much time behind the lens and have to tell myself to switch off and put the camera away. I used to take it everywhere with me but the editing used to back up and I would never get round to printing the photos I took of the children on holiday or an adventure walk to Dunham Massey.


I’m slowly going to try and get through these precious photographs. They’re memories of my life, my loves and my children. So from now on, I’m going to spend a little time every week going through old files and dig out the memories to share.




These photos are from March when Paul and I took a trip to Newcastle for Valentines Day and his birthday. We’d not long been engaged and we hadn’t spent any time alone together. Paul doesn’t like photos and I have very little of myself from a DSLR considering I own three, so we practised on eachother. He didn’t do a bad job did he?


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